Shafdan pre-treatment project

Pre-treatment is a project that includes pre-treatment systems for the nuggets. Initial sedimentation: Mechanical backing with 3 levels of filtration, settling and sand removal system,

Sewage pumping stations

In this project, the sewage entering the treatment center is collected from the city where the treatment is carried out and from the surrounding communities, through an advanced and extensive sewage infrastructure.

Construction of a Border Fence

Construction of border fences including: earthwork, development, construction of the fence, connection to the systems and more.

Upgrading of Igudan pumping stations

Upgrading of 5 pumping stations to the sewage system, including the addition of main pumps, installation of a 64 “diameter pipe on existing AY line (depth 20 m).

Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Sewage Treatment Plant Project. The purification plant can handle hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per day, a purification plant, a purified water reservoir including pumps and a filtration system.