Maintenance and franchise segment

The Group’s activity in the maintenance and franchise segment is carried out through the Company and its subsidiaries, in which the Group’s companies provide maintenance services to its customers in the Group’s various areas of activity, usually through long-term contracts (usually 3 years or more).

This service is characterized by decentralization of customers and a fixed income stream that provides the Group with a stable revenue stream over long periods of time and the ability to recruit manpower, training, purchasing equipment and building long-term work plans. As part of this segment, the Group operates in the following areas: 

  • Water and Sewage Infrastructure Maintence and Service – The Group provides preventive maintenance, fracture maintenance and water and sewage systems, especially for municipal and institutional customers, usually through framework contracts for a period of several years, which sometimes include demand for availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

     Recently, a service was added in the areas of complementary             execution, such as smashing work and a pipe sleeve, which                 enable the maintenance of existing pipeline infrastructures,               while significantly reducing the need  to  excavate and open               roads. The Company also provides maintenance and service               services to two wastewater treatment plants.

  • Maintenance and service in energy facilities – the Group performs service and maintenance work in energy and power stations, including maintenance of turbines and mechanical maintenance.
  • Concession for projects using BOT and other methods – the Company has established and operates infrastructures for the treatment and provision of various environmental services under franchise agreements.