Structure, segment of projects under construction

The Group’s activity in the projects under construction segment is carried out through the Company and its subsidiaries, and is engaged in various fields of construction, construction and engineering.

The work is characterized by the use of technological means and innovative work techniques in the planning and execution of complex engineering projects in various fields of activity such as construction of buildings for various authorities including public buildings, laying of railroad tracks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, systems at power stations, complex piping systems, storage and transportation facilities of fuels And gases, designated facilities, protected structures, water pools, laying of high voltage lines and more.

The activity in the construction projects segment is usually characterized by projects that go into execution through a process of requesting bids or a public tender, which is usually subject to compliance with engineering, professional, financial and contractor classification requirements. The Group has acted and is acting to train it as an approved supplier for international customers operating in Israel and local customers, who because of the nature of their operations are not subject to the Tenders Law and perform closed price bidding procedures which are of great importance to the technical component, experience and availability of manpower and equipment. 

The five areas of activity in which the Group operates in the construction projects segment are:

  • Infrastructure – Civil Engineering – coordinates the construction of civil engineering projects (such as buildings of various types, infrastructures above and below the ground), and works for the defense establishment in Israel, including administrative and operational structures, including protected structures and obstacles on the borders between Israel and its neighbors.
  • Rail infrastructure – coordinates the construction of rail infrastructure (including railways and related works).
  • Piping and Energy Infrastructure – coordinates the construction of infrastructure for fuel, gas, water and sewage pipelines, as well as mechanical work of piping and installation of equipment at power stations.
  • Clean Pipeline Infrastructure – coordinates the establishment of complex pipeline infrastructure for the pharmaceutical, food and microelectronics sectors, including clean rooms.
  • Environmental Infrastructure – Focuses on the field of infrastructure related to the environment, such as the construction of sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, infrastructure in desalination facilities, sludge treatment plants and the smell of waste.